New Black Panthers march in Newberry

Party members coming from as far as Kentucky and Texas.

NEWBERRY (WACH) -- A rallying cry was heard in Newberry County Saturday as the small community is once again under the microscope. The New Black Panther Party rallied and marched for what they're calling a journey to justice after Anthony Hill, 30, was murdered and his body dragged behind a truck June 2.

The New Black Panther Party wants the death labeled as a hate crime. Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said earlier this week his department does not make that decision and that Federal authorities will determine whether Gregory Collins, 19, is charged with a hate crime.

"To first kill the young man and then drag him behind a truck, that wasn't right," said rally participant Dorothy Means at the Wise Street Park in Newberry.

People came to Saturday's rally from as far as Kentucky and Texas to attend the march protesting the handling of the death of Anthony Hill.

"Everybody wants to make a big deal over the Panthers being here," said resident Darnell Hare. "But in my heart, I really thing they're here for the good."

Darnell Hare joined hundreds of residents who say they attended the march in support of the party, and to have their voices heard.

"They believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I think good things is going to come from them," said Means.

She admits she attended the march mainly out of curiosity because she still has more questions than answers.

"I want to hear what all of them have to say and then I'll make my judgment," said Means. "But I'm really here for justice."

It's an ongoing crusade Dorothy Means says she's committed to.