New cameras keep watchful eye over SC State Fair

A new camera system will keep a close eye over what's going on at the SC State Fair.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- An eye in the sky will keep a close watch over the South Carolina State Fair this year.

A new aerial-view camera system is now in place. It TMs designed to increase safety and coordinate traffic.

State Fair manager Gary Goodman says 16 cameras are placed throughout the fairgrounds. All of them can zoom and most can pan 360 degrees. We TMre constantly looking for ways to improve the management of crowd control and traffic control around the fairgrounds, and this gave us a really good opportunity to do that, says Goodman.

Also new this year, a radio station that will give 24-hour updates about traffic and events going on that day at the fair. The station is 1610 AM.

The South Carolina State Fair runs October 12-23.