New details in year long homicide mystery

Its been more than a year since Columbia Police found Candra Alston, 25 and her daughter Malaysia Boykin, 3, dead in their apartment.

But officials have new hope to finally solve the case with new details regarding the investigation.

Police say a computer and children's clothes were stolen from the family's Brook Pines apartment; as well as an expensive black Gucci purse. But Columbia Police Department Homicide Investigator do not think robbery or sexual assault was the motive.

"The computer was probably taken to conceal the identity of the perpetrator. The other items were just opportunity, they just stole them."

Investigator Reese has interviewed more than 150 people and says the leads keep coming in.

"Whenever you interview one person, they always give you information on some other people that tend to be a lead; and you have to follow that lead up."

He hopes one of them will eventually lead to justice for the Alston family.

"We stress out over this case. They're looking for some resolve."

Investigator Reese has not said how the two were killed. He wants to find out which leads are legitimate before making that announcement.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime stoppers are 1-888-274-6372.