New housing facility provides safe haven for women and children

Dee's Haven is a new transitional housing facility for women and children.

Columbia (WACH)-A new transitional housing facility for women and children promises to provide safe living accomodations to those who are financially unable to secure housing due to economic hardship or life crisis.

Right Direction Community Development Corporation will hold a grand opening ceremony for Dee's Haven, a new transitional housing facility for women and children, at 3617 Carrison Rd. Columbia, SC on Saturday, March 23, 2013, with the ribbon cutting ceremony at 1:00 p.m. and tours of the facility will follow the ceremony.

This new transitional living program provides support for up to four homeless, single women with or without children. The program focuses on comprehensive, therapeutic, and educational programs designed to incorporate awareness, accountability, and empowerment.

The 2011 Homeless Count conducted by the Midlands Area Consortium for the Homeless (MACH) identified 1,621 homeless individuals in Columbia and the surrounding area and reported that 25% were in families with children. The housing and support needs of single household families in the Midlands area are at a critical level-with only a handful of transitional housing beds available to women with children.

The program goals are that the participant will:

-Obtain and/or maintain a job.

-Have the ability to obtain and maintain permanent housing.

-Become increasingly financially.

Each resident participates in life support services and professionals and volunteer counselors will provide ongoing training. Residents will be required to participate in community living activities such as weekly house meetings and household chores that build social skills and independent living practices, providing provide a foundation of supports that will prepare them for success in permanent housing.

For more information visit where you will find information pertaining to the organization and for more on Dees Haven contact Gretchen Barron at (803) 606-5365.