New Jobs Coming To Columbia

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Governor Haley paid a visit to a local business today whose expansion will create around 250 new jobs.

Governor Haley stopped by Sensor Electronic Technologies, Inc., also known as SETI, to take a tour and learn more about the company's upcoming expansion.

SETI is the world leader in UV LEDs and also manufactures microchips which can purify water. The microchips have even been sent to locations such as Africa and Milan to help with water purification.

The expansion will add about 75,000 square feet to the facility. Governor Haley had nothing but admiration for the company and the work they are doing.

"To see this type of technology in South Carolina - to see what they are doing with the UV light, with water purification, with being able to disinfect food, and all of these different things that are going on right here in Columbia - is absolutely fascinating." says Haley.

The expansion is set to be completed by the end of 2015.