New judge says he's trustworthy after pulled license

Photo Credit: Sara Jane Harris

ELGIN (WACH) -- There's a new municipal judge in Elgin despite some concerns from residents.

Thursday, Judge David Paul Reuwer served his first day at Elgin Town Hall.

"I'm really excited about it because it's an opportunity to serve the people of Elgin," said Reuwer.But with all the excitement - comes controversy, as details emerge of Reuwer's past."I did a stupid mistake for which I am totally responsible. I corrected it very early in my practice which was 20 years ago," said Reuwer.According to documents obtained by WACH Fox News, in 1986 Reuwer was banned from practicing law in his home state of Maryland for improperly handling client funds.

Reuwer says he combined his client trust account with his attorney business account which led to a year and a half investigation, and eventually a voluntary suspension of his law license."There was a finding of no criminality, no wrong doing, no stelf, other than the red lettered co-mingling which no attorney can do," said Reuwer.

In 2002 - Reuwer was cleared by the Maryland Bar and was re-admitted to the state's bar.In the same year, Reuwer passed the South Carolina Bar Exam.Elgin Mayor Pete James says Reuwer has always been honest about his past and says he is not concerned."I've been knowing David Reuwer for the past ten years and I've found him to be a person of character," said James.

Reuwer will serve a two year term. At the end of the term, town council will decide if they want him to serve two more years.