New political party starting up in the Palmetto State

A new political party is starting up in the Palmetto State.

COLUMBIA (WACH)- A new political party is starting up in the Palmetto State.

Former gubernatorial candidate Dr. Oscar Lovelace and former State Superintendent of Education Dr. Jim Rex are co-chairs of the Free Citizens Party.

The party held an organizational meeting in Columbia this weekend. Lovelace estimates about 75-80 people attended. Dr. Lovelace told WACH Fox news, the idea behind the party is based on a common sense approach to government with who he calls common sense people instead world leaders.

Lovelace said his party's followers are made up of people that are sick of bickering in state government and want a government that works for the people.

Lovelace said another component of the Free Citizens' Party is that all candidates will be screened by a committee to qualify them to run for office under the party's name.

At the moment, Lovelace said the party is in its organizational stage. They're simply organizing and raising funds and awareness, but the will run candidates in the next statewide elections in 2014.