New Regulations For Truck Drivers

Truck drivers now have new regulations telling them how many hours they can drive in any given week. The new Hours Of Service Rules are meant to ensure the safety of the truck driver and any other cars on the road. The new rules say drivers must take a 30 minute break if they have been on the road for more than 8 hours. They also state each driver must take a 34 hour "restart" period to ensure no driver works more than 70 hours in a week. The rules were put in place despite an actual improvement in truck drivers' safety records. Some believe "good" will never be good enough when it comes to the trucking industry.

"No matter how good a job the trucking industry does, on the road, in terms of safety performance, we're still going to have our critics. It's inevitable because we do our business on public highways. There's going to be the accident from time to time, and when there are, they're tragic." states Rick Todd, the President and CEO of the South Carolina Trucking Association.