New Show and Local Museum Get Public Interested in Space

Columbia (WACH) -- 8 planets...Hundreds of undiscovered ones...The sun...Hundreds of satellites. They're all a part of outer space.

You can even learn more about it right here in Columbia.

A new expansion to the State Museum will include an observatory, planetarium and 4-d theater.

The telescope gives you a glimpse of things a person can't see with the naked eye.

"They're seeing something that we see from a distance on earth without an eyepiece and then to see the craters of the moon, or to see the Galeillan moons, which is what Galilleo saw in 1609 firsthand and to see someone describe it is exciting." says education director Tom Falvey.

The new show Cosmos, a documentary series about outer space, promises to take the audience to new worlds across the universe.

It's a sequel to a 1980 series.

"In the future there's still so many unanswered questions and that's whats so great about the popular astronomy shows to get people engaged and understanding what's still out there and the really big questions there are to ask. And there are a lot of big questions." says Falvey.

The goal of the show is to re-energize the general public about new galaxies, planets, and the science behind learning more about them.

"In America, we need scientists. We need good scientists and people excited about solving the big problems and answering the big questions." says Falvey.