New Tiger Woods ad has people in uproar

A new Nike Ad has people saying it is out of bounds.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)--Tiger Woods was back in the news this week; but not only because he is the top ranked golfer in the world again.

Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational Monday to earn the top spot. But a new Nike Ad unveiled last week has people saying it is out of bounds.

The picture shows Woods with the phrase "Winning takes care of everything." Some say that is a problem.

"Winning is definitely not everything. Character is," University of South Carolina Social Work Instructor Nicholas Cooper-Lewter said the motto is too edgy; enforcing the stigma that athletes don't have to suffer consequences as long as they win.

Cooper-Lewter teaches a class at USC called "Overcoming the odds in sports", and works with world class athletes on becoming better men and women.

"You can lie, cheat, steal, you can be a person of cad character and still win something," he said. "If the issue is winning, then we are reducing people to a very hollow existence."

In 2010, Woods admitted to cheating on his wife; leading to a high profile divorce. The golfer has struggled on the course since then while recovering from the scandal and dealing with injuries.

However, his play has improved as he earned the top spot for the first time in more then two years.

USC student Jordan Radin said he has no problem with the ad.

"I think Nike has it right on point," Radin said. "People don't really care if he is winning. If he is winning, they are rooting for him. If he is losing, he is the worst guy in the world. It seems like his whole scandal has gone away cause he started winning again."

Nike said the phrase is meant for Woods's success on the golf course; not regarding his personal life.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Nike cut ties with Woods after news of his affair broke. At the time Nike brand president Charlie Denson said "We've been supportive of Tiger since the story broke and we continue to be supportive. He's got issues he needs to deal with and he's dealing with them. We are looking forward to him getting back on the golf course."