New voter ID law in effect for Tuesday's primary election

COLUMBIA (WACH)- This voting season will be a bit different than last. New laws that require you to show your photo ID have some voters skeptical of how the day may go.

But officials say the ID requirement is an easy way to ensure a secure voting system.

This is the first big election since the new law went into effect back in January 2013. .

Voters have five options when it comes to a photo ID. A driverâ??s license, DMV ID, photo registration card, U.S. passport, or Federal military ID.

If you aren't able to show any of those, there is still a way for you to vote.

Election officials say to bring your old voter registration card. That way you have a reasonable affidavit ballot that allows you to vote.

To make your voting experience hassle free, officials say to make sure you bring a photo ID, inform poll workers what party you are voting for, and go into the polls already knowing who and what you are voting for.

This will make for you and your neighbors to have a quick and painless trip to the polls.

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