New York gay marriage law impacting SC

Gay couple's wedding announcement in The State newspaper.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- New York TMs new law that allows gay marriage is having an impact here in South Carolina.

A same-sex couple with ties to the state announced their wedding in The State newspaper.

The New York law allows out of state couples to marry, so readers could see more wedding announcements for gay couples in the local paper.

Since the new New York law went into effect hundreds of same sex couples have said their I-dos.

"In a May Gallup poll, 53% of Americans say they favor marriage equality," said Christine Johnson, Director of SC Equality.

The State believes this is its first announcement for a gay couple. The paper's policy is to run wedding announcements from local gay couples who get married in states where their marriage is recognized.

"To put an announcement of a gay marriage in New York, along with these traditional marriage announcements is a way of making a political statement," said Palmetto Family Council board member Hal Stevenson.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2006 recognizing marriages between men and women only in South Carolina.

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