No air-conditioning and no answers for West Vista tenants

Tenant's filter covered in dust

WEST COLUMBIA (WACH)-Temperatures across the Midlands have been unbearable forcing many residents to crank up the air-conditioning, but for tenants at West Vista apartments, that's not an option.

Jessica Williams has been living at West Vista apartments for a year and for the past two months, without air.

"Its excruciating, its hot in here," said Williams "it doesn't matter that my children are in here sweating it doesn't matter that I'm in here sweating."

Williams and her family have been doing everything they can to beat the heat, opening their windows and using ceiling fans non-stop.

"Even with the fan if its 99 degrees outside the fan is not going to do much in here," said Williams.

Inside William's apartment at 11 a.m Thursday, the thermometer read 85 degrees.

Joe Blair, another tenant who lives below Williams, is dealing with the same problem.

"Its rediculous to come home in the straight heat, taking a cold shower, I don't like doing that," said Blair.

Like Williams, Blair wants answers after paying his rent consistently but not getting what's promised to him as a tenant.

Blair said, "I'm paying y'all on time how come when I ask y'all to do something you can't fix it on time? It's in my lease for y'all to come fix it on time."

WACH Fox contacted management at West Vista apartments, the property manager refused to comment and provided a phone number to the corporate office. WACH Fox called the corporate office and has yet to receive a returned call.

"I just don't think that's acceptable, said Williams "coming from a long hot day at work to a long hot day at home. I don't know what they're gonna do about it but we need something done"

Do you think these tenants should be reimbursed for the months they suffered without air? Have you ever been in a similar scenario? What did you do?