North cleaning up after a flash flood hit the uninsured town

Salley Road Salon was in several feet of flood water Sunday after more than five inches of rain fell in one hour.

NORTH, SC (WACH) -- Home- and business-owners are cleaning up the day after a flash flood swept through the area.

"It was hard," said Suzanne Cook Reed, owner of Salley Road Salon. "I broke down as soon as I walked up and saw the water in my building."

Reed's business was in several feet of flood water Sunday after more than five inches of rain fell in one hour.

"It was no preparedness for yesterday because there was no warning from the news or anything," said Mayor Earl Jeffcoat.

Reed rushed to her salon when she saw the rain fall hard. The salon is in a lower lying part of town.

"When I got here it was literally already a pond," said Reed. "I mean it was water up already several inches on the door."

With the help of friends and firefighters, the drainage pipes on the road nearby were cleared, but the water was not completely drained away until the following morning.

"When we opened the door it was like a dam broke loose, and all the debris that you see here in the yard went rushing into the building," said Reed. "That was a little devastating watching all that go in my beauty shop, so that's when I broke down."

Reed's business, like others in town, is unprotected by flooding insurance.

"They don't let people usually have flood insurance around here...," said Reed. "Several of the people that have asked about it said that the insurance companies won't write flood insurance."

Some in the town are frustrated with Town Council for never applying for flooding insurance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

With an uninsured town, individuals like Reed who request flooding assistance from F.E.M.A. won't get it.

"The town council has never had North on the flood litigation plan, and we've never had any problems -- just two or three houses over the years," said Jeffcoat.

Jeffcoat says he plans on meeting about a flood litigation plan next week, to see what must be done to get homes and businesses insured in his town.