Northeast winter storm causing problems for Midlands flights

Columbia (WACH) -- If you have travel plans taking you from Columbia to the northeast, you may want to double check with your airline.

A major winter storm is blanking cities like Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York with heavy amounts of snow.

Reports as of Tuesday afternoon have ranged from less than an inch to over 8 inches and climbing.

Columbia Metropolitan Airport has said that flights to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia have been cancelled today.

If youâ??re flying out of Columbia Metro you can keep up with flight delays and cancellations by visiting there website.

If you know anyone caught in the winter weather, and they can safely snap a picture of it, they can share it with WACH Fox by email, facebook, or twitter.

While snow is a problem in the Northeast, frigid temperatures will be the concern in the Midlands.

By Wednesday, highs will only top out in the upper 30s.

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