Occupy Columbia protesters back outside State House

Authorities arrested 19 protesters Wednesday evening, after Governor Haley ordered they leave after 6pm.

COLUMBIA (AP) -- Some Occupy Columbia protesters are back at the State House, after authorities arrested nearly two dozen demonstrators Wednesday evening.

Wednesday afternoon, Governor Nikki Haley ordered all protesters to leave the grounds at 6pm.

"There is nothing I love more than to see people who know the power of their voice," said Haley. "And we expect you as Americans to be able to do that. What we don't want is what has been happening here at the State House. We have mattresses on the grounds, we have toilet paper in the bushes. We have plants that have been messed up,"

Haley said the Occupy group is free to protest during daylight hours, but the State House "is not a place to live."

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Troopers with the S.C. Bureau of Protective Services arrested 19 protesters who refused to leave at the 6pm deadline. All have been released from jail after posting bond.

"I've sat on those State House steps at 9:00 at night when I was a student at USC," said Occupy supporter TJ Simmons. "She (Gov. Haley) kicked people off the lawn because they said things she didn't want to hear."

The protesters have been outside the State House for 34 days. They're fighting what they call corporate greed and financial inequality.

Occupy members say they'll now hold their evening meetings in the Taco-Sushi parking lot on the corner of Gervais and Assembly streets.