Occupy Columbia protesters hit the road

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- Occupy Columbia protesters took their rally on the road Tuesday evening, marching from the State House to Columbia City Hall.

Nearly 100 protesters came out to oppose the possible sale of Capital City Stadium on Assembly Street to a developer that works with retailers like Walmart. At this point, city leaders haven TMt confirmed if a major chain store would locate in that space.

If that TMs the case, it will be very damaging to businesses in the City of Columbia, said protester Mel Jenkins.

He and fellow protesters say the Occupy movement is all about fighting big business.

Midlands development leaders say the property is an attractive location for developers. They add if a big-box store like Walmart were to locate in the downtown area, it could attract even more business.

However, protesters say the opposite will happen.

It will kill the small businesses that have been in the community for a long time, said protester Tim Liszewski, as he marched toward Columbia City Hall.

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Council members have given initial approval to that deal. Developers say it could take at least a year before the sale is finalized.

The Columbia Blowfish baseball team will be able to play at Capital City Stadium in 2012 if they choose to do so.

Some developers say locating a baseball stadium on the Bull Street property where the mental hospital was located would be an attractive location.