Occupy demonstrators protest in Columbia

Occupy Spartanbrug demonstrators gather in Morgan Square Thursday. Midlands activists held an Occupy Columbia protest Saturday.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The Occupy Wall Street protests in New York have been going on for four weeks, with the movement slowly spreading across the country. Saturday, it spread to Columbia.

On Thursday evening, a small group of Midlands residents that make up the grassroots movements known as Occupy Columbia, learned the ropes of peaceful protesting at a meeting in the capital city.

The group pledged non-violence for their Saturday protest at the State House. They consider themselves part of the 99 percent they say the government ignores and overlooks because they are not wealthy.

What we hope to accomplish is to get the legislators and to get our national politicians out of the pockets of the lobbyists and the corporations and back to doing the business of the people everyone, not just the people with access to our politicians, said Occupy Columbia member Tim Liszewski.

Saturday's Occupy Columbia demonstration started at 9AM at the State House.

We are here as a nonviolent protest to take back our government to remind people the government is actually controlled by the people not the other way around, Liszewski said.