Officials make major meth bust in Lexington Co.

Joseph Hatchell is one of the suspects believed to be directing much of the drug dealing in Lexington County.

Lexington County authorities bust six meth labs and arrest 55 people over the weekend.

Investigators apprehended 49-year-old Joseph Hatches and 55-year-old Robert Rollins, both of Pelion, who they believe organized the drug ring. Six others arrested were repeat offenders.

The operation was prompted by numerous complaints from area residents.

More than 250 grams of drugs were confiscated from the six meth labs.

We don TMt know if they are all tied together or individual, says Sheriff James Metts of Lexington County, that TMs something we are trying to determine now. The main thing is that we got six meth labs out of the area, along with 55 individuals that were selling or dealing drugs.

According to Metts, the street value for a gram of meth can run from $75 to $125.