Officials unveil Sober or Slammer campaign against DUI offenders

(Columbia, WACH)-The South Carolina Department of Public Safety is continuing to crack down on drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol with the help of new resources.

The department announced the Sober or Slammer campaign in a memorial tribute held outside the statehouse. Family members of those killed by DUI motorists attended. A bell was rung 365 times for the number of people killed in the Palmetto State last year.

Highway Patrol officers will be all over South Carolina highways about 10 miles apart from each other to end the summer. They will also put up signs and billboards of people killed by drivers.

A new number has also been set up for drivers to call if they see reckless driving on the roads. Officials urge motorists to call *HP (*47).

Tonya Spradley, whose 5-year-old son was killed by a drunk driver in 2005, hopes people will think twice.

"It was a repeat offender that took our son's life. We just plead with those that make that make the decision to drink that they not drive. That they will be responsible for the things they do."

More public service announcements will also be aired on television. South Carolina continues to lead the nation in DUI deaths.