On the road or in the water, law enforcement is watching you

DNR officers already finding boaters celebrating the Memorial Day weekend.

LEXINGTON COUNTY (WACH) - "Dude you're more messed up than my check book, do you really want to play games," said Department Of Natural Resources Sgt. Rhett Bickley.

DNR officers are already finding boaters celebrating the Memorial Day weekend.

Bickley spotted young boaters Friday afternoon who appeared to be having too much fun.

The officer searched the boat and found it full beer.

The game warden docked them at Sandy Beach and the drinkers were ticketed.

Bickley, who is also a recovery diver, knows to well how quickly a fun day can turn deadly on the lake.

"Their ability to make sure they're not impaired and to keep a proper lookout, travel safely at night or in the evenings is the key that keeps them and everyone else alive on the lake," said Bickley.

The DNR is also performing safety checks on boats for life jackets, lights and whistles.

Bickley says time has passed for boaters to be unprepared while on the water and he says officers will be making sure all rules are followed over the holiday weekend.

"By the time you hit this part of the year, the nicer part of education is gone and from this point on education gets expensive at times," said Bickley.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is also cracking down for the holiday weekend. They'll be conducting driving checkpoints looking for drunk drivers and license and vehcile violations.