One Midlands school pilots new security system

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Leaphart Elementary has been chosen as the first school in South Carolina to test out the Tattletale security system.

While the school district does not want to give out too much information concerning this system, it basically allows holders of a mobile device to press a button in case of security emergencies, which then alerts others there may be a situation.

"It can be used covertly by different people at different times to send out an alert to several locations, including 911, some staff on campus, as well as the on-site deputy." says Michael Poole, a security expert with Richland School District Five.

While faculty at Leaphart Elementary think the school already does a great job in terms of safety, they know every little bit helps.

"I think it's just going to provide a quicker response time and for us to be more efficient and simultaneously reach out to the help that we need." says Kelly Brown, the principal at Leaphart Elementary.

The school district believes this new technology could fit nicely into the safety measures that are already in place within District Five.

"This Fall we anticipate having a deputy school resource officer in every school. That's the first time. So we're fortunate to have that and we use this with other measures that are already in place to enhance security measures at the school." Poole says.

"It's just another layer of security measures that we have at Leaphart. It's not the only measure but it's just another layer for us to ensure safety and security for all students." says Brown.

A layer of protection that will hopefully provide more peace of mind once parents bring their children back to school this Fall.