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      Online high school giving students another option to succeed

      (Columbia, WACH)- Angela Washington is getting ready to start her senior year. But rather than attending Lower Richland High School again, she is thinking about taking online classes by enrolling in the Provost Academy of South Carolina.

      "I went to Lower Richland until now," Washington said. "This is my senior year. I am just trying to graduate. It is an online school so I thought it would be quicker and easier."

      Washington was with hundreds of other students that attended an orientation this week to learn more about the school. Provost Academy is a state-authorized, public, online high school that is accredited. The school has been around for four years and offers duel enrollment as well as honors and AP classes.

      Provost Community Outreach Coordinator Tesha Byrne said the lack of traditional classroom interaction is not a problem.

      "Just because you are not going to a brick and mortar school does not mean you have to interact. Same goes for us. Just because you are doing school online, that does not mean when you are not doing your work you can't get involved in your community, or belong in one of our student clubs that we have."

      The school still requires students to take state mandated tests. They must earn the same 24 credits needed to graduate.

      Byrne said their enrollment has increased each year by more people hearing about the school. Students have signed up for a variety of reasons; including bullying.

      "It is a really prevalent issue right now. Students will come to us because they don't deserve to have to deal with that on top of doing their school work. When they come to us, they can do their work in a safe environment.

      Washington agreed, and said there are other problems.

      "It is better online because you can do it at your own time. You do not have to worry about being distracted. You do not have to worry about drama or fights at lunch."

      A distraction she hopes will not stand between her and a diploma anymore.

      For more information on the Provost Academy, click here.