Orangeburg Co. man burglarized neighbor, kidnapped wife

Sumter County deputies say resident's can rest easy tonight. The man accused of blazing a trail of terror is in jail. Investigators say the man broke into a neighbor's home, kidnapped his own wife and led cops in a car chase. Deputies used a spike strip to stop Andre Meadows during that chase. The 21-year-old appeared in court Monday morning. The judge ordering a hefty bond.

"I didn't know," said burglary victim Loretta. "My next door neighbors called me and told me about it."

And when Loretta made it to her home, many of her prized possessions were gone. Police say her own neighbor did it.

"They weren't living there that long beside me," said Loretta. "So I really don't know that much about them."

But Loretta and her mother Sadell Johnson say they don't like what they do know about Andre Meadows.

"I was just so upset at him at the time," said Johnson. "But I'm glad that my daughter wasn't in the house at the time, because if she was in that house at the time he might have killed her."

"We were able to arrest Mr. Meadows and charge him with the burglary warrants that we had," said Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis.

The Sheriff says the burglary was just the beginning of a crime spree that ended with Meadows kidnapping his own wife and running from police.

"He had a crowbar that he used to force the mother into the vehicle," said Sheriff Dennis.

Investigators say Meadows' six-year-old stepdaughter tipped them off to what was going on. Deputies caught Meadows several hours later.

"I'm sorry that he has to have all this pinned upon him," said Johnson. "But that's just the law. And that's just what has to happen to people who don't do right. Because you got to do right in this world, if you want to live right."

Andre Meadows faces burglary, kidnapping and evading police charges. He remains in jail pending $116,000 bond.