Orangeburg County man shot during traffic stop

A shooting incident, involving a Cayce Police officer. It also involves a suspect who's now in Orangeburg County custody. 22-year-old Terrance Harley appeared in court Wednesday morning, to face outstanding charges in Orangeburg. But investigators say he's the man Cayce Police want in connection with yesterday's shooting. Harley was shot in his left hand according to his mother, Maggie Harley Lavington. She feels her son is getting a raw deal.

"He said when the car started up the police ran in front of the car and started shooting," said Lavington.

She relives the moment her son called her from jail.

"I almost had a heart attack and I'm still like that," said Lavington. "I was upset about it, because I was like 'What happened to my child?' He called me 2 o'clock in the morning. 'Momma, Cayce Police done shot up the car and shot me.' I was like What?"

Lavington says police stopped Terrance around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, claiming he ran a stop sign. Then she says the traffic stop turned chaotic.

"He said he pulled off because he didn't know why the police were shooting at him," said Lavington.

Cayce Police have been slow to release details about this case. And SLED will only confirm, it's investigating. In the meantime, Harley remains locked up in Orangeburg County on unrelated charges.