Parents say police used poor communication during school bomb threat

Students were evacuated to Newberry Middle School, where they were guarded by police, while a bomb squad searched the high school.

NEWBERRY, SC (WACH) -- Some parents were upset after they say police gave them misinformation during a bomb threat evacuation at Newberry High School.

According to police, someone called the school saying there was a bomb on campus just before 11 a.m. Monday. With the help of law enforcement, the school then evacuated more than 700 high schoolers across town to the middle school.

"I just want to see my babies," cried Treka Douglas after waiting for hours to reach her two sons who attend Newberry High. She and Denise Levy, who is the aunt of two Newberry High students say they were sent back and forth and ordered to wait in a parking lot several blocks from the school without knowing where their children were during the bomb threat.

"We got information from an officer that said, 'Go to the middle school, and you will be able to pick your kids up,'" said Levy. "We get to the middle school, and they tell us that that was wrong information. Go back up and someone will come. We'd been back up there for another 45 minutes."

"I don't know who told them that, but nobody with site control here told them they could pick up their child," said Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster.

Students were brought back to Newberry High School after a bomb squad made a sweep of the school and found no bomb. Law enforcement is investigating to find out who called in the bomb threat.