Parker's defense pleads case with friends and family

Brooke Parker the 14 year old daughter of accused double murderer Brett Parker took the stand for the defense Thursday.

RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH) -- Brooke Parker, the 14-year-old daughter of accused double murderer Brett Parker, took the stand for the defense Thursday.

The teen told the court she saw her dad and shooting victim Bryan Capnerhurst talking about a gun that belonged to Parker.

"I'm not doing it just to help him, I was in the room and I witnessed them talking about how he was giving a gun to Bryan," said Parker.

The prosecution not buying the teen's statements and drilling her on inconsistencies in her stories and at moments questioning if she was trying to help her dad.

"Do you remember having a phone call conversation with him about what you were supposed to say here today because you couldn't remember it correctly,?"

"I don't recall that," said Parker.

The defense team also questioning motive in the state's case.

Calling on an insurance salesman who advised Parker on the handling of his wife's life insurance policy.

Brad Spehl contacted the defendant about his wife, Tammy Jo's insurance policy she had through her job.

Spehl helped parker with filing the claim and advised him on how to use the money.

"He did not want to pay off the mortgage. He said he would just move. He didn't want to stay in the home any longer and that he wanted to set up education for both of the kids," said Spehl.

The defense also tried calling Parker's mother but after seeking the advice of an attorney she didn't testify.

The trial continues Friday morning.