Pastor accused of criminal sexual conduct out on bond

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Pastor Willie Marvin is now out of jail on the bond set for him Wednesday morning.

Marvin appeared at his bond hearing Wednesday morning with the support of his wife and daughter.

Before Judge Steven Dennis set Marvin's bond, he heard from both sides, including the 15 year old victim's family.

The family did not wish to appear on camera or be photographed, but definitely had plenty to tell the judge.

"He used his position, his authority, his ability to purchase her whatever she wanted and to give her whatever she wanted to manipulate her, play on her vulnerability and offend her in the way he has offended her." said the victim's mother.

And Judge Dennis also allowed Marvin's family to speak on his behalf.

"I don't know exactly what took place or what happened. And I really can't say. But I know for myself, for my family, this is not my husband. This is not his character. This is not the way it looks or it seems." stated Marvin's wife.

When all was said and done, Judge Dennis set a $60,000 bond to cover all three of Marvin's charges, which included criminal sexual conduct.

Dennis also ordered there not be a 10% option with the bond, which means it would have to paid in full.

The bond also carried a condition.

"It will carry the restraining order that you have no contact with the victim, the victim's family, or any...I'm going to say female...under the age of 18 who is not related by blood or marriage." said Judge Dennis.

After the bond hearing, I stopped by Marvin's church to see if anyone would speak with me.

The doors were locked but I managed to run into two members of the church who said they stand by the pastor 100%.

"I'm very supportive of him and stand by him and whether they are true or not, I forgive him and still love him. And hope and pray that the family be lifted up at this time. And...I just hope the truth comes out." says Gloria Davis, who is a member of New Life World Ministries.

And she isn't alone in her feelings.

"I don't believe those allegations against him are true either. You know, I've always known him as a man of God. And I don't think none of those things are true." concurs Ernestine McFadden, who is also a member of the church.

Marvin's next scheduled court date is January 27th.