Pastor John P. Kee to headline Columbia's Family Fest

CHARLOTTE (WACH) -- Heâ??s known as the prince of gospel music with twenty one Stellar Awards, a Trailblazer Award from former President Bill Clinton and two Billboard Music Awards.

Pastor John P. Kee says his love for gospel music started with his parents.

â??I come from a family of singers. My mother and father sang in the early forties with a choir called the south lane gospel singers,â?? says Pastor John P. Kee.

When he was just nine years old Pastor Kee began to write his own material. At age 13 he and his best friend started a jazz trio and a gospel community choir in Durham.

Despite his gospel roots during his teenage years he strayed away and went to a life of violence. He eventually left the streets after a good friend died.

He says he gave his life Christ and moved to Charlotte where his music ministry flourished and he later started a church called New Life Fellowship Center.

Apart from gospel music Pastor Kee has established himself elsewhere.

â??In the early years of John P. Kee I was one of the writers for The Hallmark Card series,â?? says Pastor Kee.

Pastor Kee says he's excited about Family Fest for a number of reasons especially since he has ties to the Midlands.

â??Iâ??m a student of Eastover. Many of you know Shelia Lakin and thats my family,â?? says Pastor Kee.

He says expect Sunday to be filled with fun, family and music.

â??Bring soft shoes, hard shoes, dancing shoes,â?? says Pastor Kee.

Family Fest is sponsored by WFMV gospel 95.3.

Itâ??s taking place Sunday May 27th at Finlay Park in Downtown Columbia.

Itâ??s free and all the fun starts at 4pm.

WACH Fox is the official media sponsor.