Peace Lillies for Guns

COLUMBIA (WACH) - You've heard of getting flowers for Valentine's Day, but what about for giving up your gun?

That's exactly what happened today at the Peace Lillies for Guns Project.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department, spearheaded by Sheriff Lott, teamed up with the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence for the event.

Folks brought by their unwanted guns and got a peace lilly in exchange as a gesture of thanks.

The Sheriff's Department will properly destroy the weapons.

In fact, they actually plan to break down the guns and create a sculpture that will hold a very special meaning.

"It's symbolic of the violence that we're dealing with in our county. It will be a reminder to say 'hey, we need to stop all of this gun violence.' we're not telling folks that you shouldn't own a weapon, what we're saying is to properly own a weapon and also keep it safely stored in your home or vehicle." says Sergeant Curtis Wilson of the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Lott says that if one gun is taken off the street and saves one life because of today's project, then he considers the project a success.