Peeping Tom busted in Irmo

An Irmo man is in jail after police say he was peeping in a woman's window early Monday morning.

A resident called the Irmo Police Department about 5:15 a.m. and said they thought their house was being burglarized, said Chief Brian Buck. Officers responded to the area and located Tory Lamar Holloway fleeing from the scene, wearing all black clothing and carrying a digital camera.

It happened in New Friarsgate, a community where things like this were unheard of. But according to authorities, there has been an uptick in crime.

I believe one of the most frequently reported crimes over there is larceny, says Chief Buck, of course, we get the occasional domestic violence complaint, public drunkenness, driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and other traffic offenses.

New Friarsgate resident Dewayne Glover thinks his neighborhood is relatively safe, however, he lives by the motto that you can never be too careful.

We have had two bikes get stolen from under our carport, so now we have moved everything to the backyard, said Glover.

As for concerns about neighborhood safety, police will continue to investigate the crime, and ask that if anyone else sees suspicious behavior to contact Irmo Police Department.