PETA flies "Keep Hookers off the Beach" banner over island

"Keep Hookers off beach-no fishing!"

OKALOOSA ISLAND (WACH/WEAR) -- A banner saying "Keep Hookers off the Beach" raised a few eyebrows on Okaloosa Island Friday.

The anti-fishing message was sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They believe a shark bite incident this week could be tied to people fishing in the surf.

PETA is responding to published reports that people were fishing nearby.

Just when the shock of a shark bite was wearing off, a plane carrying a banner took off. Minutes later, the peaceful view of the gulf gave way to a message from above: "Keep Hookers off the Beach"

"Well my first thought was the shark that I saw in Louisiana when I was fishing, because it said something about hookers." said Stacey Johnson. "But I automatically knew what it was about, it was about fishing, so....There's going to be some people that think it's....find it humorous."

Whether they found it humorous or even in good taste, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals knows the banner is an attention getter. Their special projects manager says anglers in the surf put swimmers at risk.

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