Petition begins to shutdown Sumter nightclub

Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said he is begining the process to shut down Club Miami.

SUMTER COUNTY, SC (WACH) - A petition has started to close down Club Miami, where one person was killed and one was injured this past weekend.

"Due to several fights, shootings,and now a young man's death, we the community are asking to all concerning parties that club Miami be shutdown permanently." the petition read. The petition now has 47 signatures.

Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said he is beginning the process to shut down Club Miami.

"We can no longer continue to tolerate the threat this establishment has caused to our citizens, Shaw Air Force Base partners, the community, and visitors to our area. We will not continue to expose our great community to this nuisance and dangerous menace to our people," said Dennis.

Sunday night deputies say they responded to shots fired at the club around 2:30 am.

Upon arrival deputies found 33-year-old Tyrus Archie on the ground with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Another male, 26-year-old Rayquann Jenkins was also located in the parking lot with a gunshot wound to his leg.

Archie was pronounced dead at the scene by the Sumter County Coroner.

"By any means necessary, as Sheriff of this great county, I will take all of the proper avenues and resources that are available to me, to ensure that Club Miami is no longer in operation in Sumter, South Carolina," adds Dennis.

Sheriff Dennis says he hopes the club's owner, Jay Warren, will shut the club down voluntarily.

If he doesn't, Dennis plans to meet with the Department of Revenue on Tuesday to try and get Warren's alcohol license revoked.

And if Plans A and B don't work, then there's a Plan C.

"Possibly we could have an emergency hearing before a circuit court judge naming it as a public nuisance here in sumter county. And ask that the doors be closed." says Dennis.

However Dennis goes about it, he seems to have the community standing behind him.

"Now is the sign of the time that club needs to be closed down. You don't see things getting better. You see it getting worse and worse. You gotta take some kind of action." states Calvin Bennett, a concerned citizen of Sumter County.

Officials say tips from witnesses led them to the shooter, who was found in a field adjacent to Club Miami.

Deputies identified the shooter as Rodney Green.

To view the petition, click HERE.

The Sheriff's Department will have a press conference at 1pm regarding the process of shutting down the club. Continue to check and @WACHFox on Twitter for more information.