Pitbull attacks family, dog removed from home

Some Columbia neighbors are up in arms after a brutal dog attack on Thursday.

After numerous alleged incidents, many are hoping this animal will be taken off the streets for good and their home will again become a safe place for families to walk the streets.

Brad Muller lives in the Knollwood neighborhood of Columbia. Thursday afternoon, his family was attacked while walking down the street.

Muller says that he got a call from his wife saying that she and their son had been attacked by a pitbull.

He says his wife, mother-in-law and eight month old son were walking down the street when the animal attacked the child's stroller.

The family tried to fight it off, but the dog grabbed her and took her shoe off. They ran to try to get away.

WACH FOX News tried to speak with the owners of the dog. They declined to go on camera, but they did tell us this was the only incident of an attack.

But neighbors say that's not the case.

One area resident says he now has to carry a stick when he wants to take a walk outside.

Muller, looking for answers as to why the dog is still running the streets, contacted his county councilman Norman Jackson.

After hearing what happened, Jackson knew something had to be done.

"I'm not sure why this activity occurred or why this dog keeps getting out, hopefully some action will be taken" Jackson says.

The dog was taken by Richland Animal Care late Friday. After an investigation, officials found that the dog and its owner had been involved in a previous incident in June of last year.

The owner now faces charges carrying over $2,000.