Plan to make Sheriff Leon Lott Columbia's Top Cop gaining momentum

Sheriff Leon Lott

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? Support is increasing for Runyanâ??s plan of consolidating the Columbia Police Department with the Richland County Sheriffâ??s Department, which would make Sheriff Leon Lott the head of the Department.

Holt Chetwood, the chair of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce released a statement regarding their support: â??The Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce fully endorses Columbia City Council member Cameron Runyanâ??s plan to contract Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott to manage the City of Columbiaâ??s police department.â?? the statement read .â??Public safety, economic development and job creation are top priorities of the Chamber and our business community. Our neighbors and our business owners deserve the right to feel safe in their homes, on their streets and in our business districts. Public safety is critical to moving our city from good to great to achieve status as a world-class city.â??

The statement goes on to say that Sheriff Leon Lott, based on his past performance, has the credibility and proven results to bring about positive changes in the Columbia Police Department. â??Lott is a well-respected leader throughout Columbia, the state and law enforcement. We encourage our city council members to embrace this plan and help make it a reality.â??

Sheriff Lott, says if need be, he would take over the Columbia Police Department. â??If something needs to be done, then Iâ??ll do it.â?? Says Sheriff Lott.