Planes soared over the Midlands all weekend

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, SC (WACH) -- Shaw Air Force Base opened up it's gates to the public and plane enthusiasts this weekend for their Shaw Air Expo.

The event is held every two years, and according to organizers that;s the amount of time it takes to plan the expo.

"We want them to see what the Military is about, what their tax dollars are going to pay for, and what we do on a daily basis for the country," said Shaw Air Director Scott Walker.

Both Saturday and Sunday featured all day aircraft performances, but many pilots were on the ground as well.

Robert Yanacsek was there representing a non-profit called Warriors and Warbirds, which helps educate young kids about those who have fought in the sky for our country.

Yanacsek is the president of the group which is based out of Monroe North Carolina, right outside of Charlotte.

They brought two planes to the expo, one which was a 1962 West German Luftwaffe Trainer owned by a few of the Warriors and Warbirds.

The other was a 1944 C-26 Commander which is owned by the City of Monroe which the non-profit is taking donations to restore.

So far the Warriors and Warbirds have visited 4 Air Shows this year, and according to Yanacsek they will go to at least 6 more.

Yanacsek is a cop and he flies planes as a hobby.

"Aviation gets in your blood. I think and a lot of people wonder why we get into it and I'm not really sure, you know dad was in the Air Force and I always loved flying. Once you get started you just can't get out of it," said Yanacsek.