Playing on a different field

Columbia, SC(WACH)-A proposed bill would allow students that don't attend school in a traditional school setting to participate in extracurricular activities at a school in their district.

The House Education and Public Works Committee approved the measure at a sub-committee meeting on Tuesday.

"Having chosen a separate or a different academic path would not necessarily prevent them from being involved in sports with their friends or other extracurricular activities." Said Phillip Owens, Committee Chairman.

The bill would permit home school students, Governor's School students, and charter school students to participate in interscholastic activities within their school district.

Dwight Cauthen Jr. attended a traditional school for 6 years, his battle with Dyslexia lead his family to teaching him at home.

"I obviously struggled a lot with spelling and reading and stuff." Said Cauthen. "My grades went way up in spelling in the past couple of years since my mom has been helping me."

Although, home schooling has helped the 9th grader in the classroom not attending a regular school is holding him back in the game of golf.

"I would love to be able to play in some of the tournaments that they play in since I'm home schooled I don't get to play in those." Said Cauthen.

If the bill is passed Cauthen would have an opportunity to try out for a sports team.

A Similar bill has passed in 30 states other states.

Members of the Senate will vote on the measure this week.