Police question person in woman's disappearance

Christine Ludwig's car was left at this Bi-Lo on Garner's Ferry Road.

Columbia (WACH) - Richland County deputies say Christine Ludwig was last seen leaving a doctor's appointment January 17th.

Ludwig met someone at that appointment, and the two went to the Bi-Lo at 7830 Garner's Ferry Road, where her car was later found. The acquaintance told police he took Ludwig to the Gonzales Gardens apartment complex on Forest Drive.

"Her financial instruments have not been accessed,â?? said RCSD Investigator Stan Smith.

The family is worried because Ludwig has health issues.

â??She has not used her cellular phone, and again her car remained at the grocery store for several days," adds Smith. â??Those things indicate perhaps she doesn't want to contact anyone, or she cannot."

Surveillance video shows Ludwig at her doctor's appointment. Smith says the investigation continues.