Police: Suspect to be charged after running over officer

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Officials say an officer is left injured and a suspect shot after a traffic stop in Columbia Thursday.

According to Columbia Police Department Spokesman Brick Lewis, an officer witnessed what was thought to be a drug transaction on Millwood Avenue near the Epworth Children's Home. The officer pulled over the vehicle involved which had two suspects inside.

Police say as back-up arrived, two officers went up to the vehicle and removed the driver of the car for questioning. While talking to the driver, the second suspect, Richard Corbin, jumped into the driver's seat driving way.

As he was attempting to get away, investigators say Corbin ran over an officer causing injuries. The other officer on the scene fired a shot, hitting the Corbin in the arm.

Initially, Corbin got away but was later found being treated for injuries at the hospital.

Both Corbin and the other suspect were questioned. Corbin will be charged with attempted murder and possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine once he is released from the hospital. The other suspect was released and was not charged with any crime.