Politicians on Parade

Hundreds showed up today to celebrate the annual Little Mountain Reunion where gubernatorial candidates Vincent Sheeheen and Nikki Haley took center stage.

"We're very excited," says one supporter, "because up until now the citizens have not heard the two together."

Both candidates have been on the campaign trail over the past several months in hopes of capturing the states gubernatorial seat. While Sheeheen has been pounding the pavement, little has been heard lately from the Haley camp in the midlands, but the Lexington county Republican took full advantage of today's captive audience.

"We need accountability in the government. We need term limits in South Carolina from the local level all the way to the national, so that we have fresh faces, fresh voices working hard for the people of this state," said Haley.

Sheeheen, hoping to regain trust in the governor's office, had this to say, "we're talking about those values that matter to South Carolina. We've got to restore trust in the Governor's Mansion and trust in the leaders of the state is what's been lacking."

While both candidates will continue to hit the campaign trail hard in the governor's race, they hope the messages they put forth today in Little Mountain will stick in the minds of voters come November.