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      Pool safety tips as temperatures climb

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Summer time is here and that means area pools are beginning to fill up with more than water.

      At Maxcy Gregg Pool in Columbia, more and more are heading out to get some relief from the heat.

      "Safety is paramount for us and there are some things here that we put into place to make sure that that is our number one goal," said R.J. May, Pool Manager.

      Some of those steps include the obvious, like having lifeguards on duty at all times the pool is open. Some of them, are more discrete, like a ten minute "adult" swim. That gives children time to rest every hour.

      "During swim lessons the first thing we teach is water safety. How to exit the pool correctly, how to enter the pool correctly, where to stand. If you can't swim, don't even try to go into the deep end," said May.

      It's that advice that lifeguards hope kids will take to other pools that might not have the same number of eyes watching over them.

      May said, "What we teach here is what we hope the kids will take and go somewhere else. So we make sure we don't have swim lesson kids going into the deep end because if they go to the deep end here, they think they can go to the deep end at grandma's house and of course we don't want that."

      The tips dont only apply to public swimming areas. Private pools should have a fence around the perimeter with a locked door.

      Maxcy Gregg Pool offers swimming lessons throughout the summer. More information can be found at the park located at 1651 Park Cir, Columbia.