Portable pizza at the SC State Fair?

COLUMBIA (WACH) - If you thought the State Fair only served up dougnut hamburgers and cotton candy...think again.

"We've got pizza, we've got pasta. We've got a full line of pastas. We've got ravioli. We've got stuffed shells." says Edward Porcelli, or as he is better known..."Spaghetti Eddie".

For over 25 years, Spaghetti Eddie has brought his New York City flavor to South Carolina, and he may even be morphing into a southerner himself.

"I feel like family here. Actually, I'm beginning to get a southern accent. Can't you tell?" jokes Porcelli.

And his favorite part of bringing a little bit of Italy to the Palmetto State?

"I enjoy the people, to tell you the truth. South Carolina people are extremely friendly, extremely warm, and they're accepting." Porcelli says.

This year Spaghetti Eddie is even offering up a fun - and portable - twist on an Italian favorite.

"This is our new item. It's called Spaghetti Eddie's Super Stick. What it is, it's a layer of cheese and pepperoni, and cheese and pepperoni, on a skewer." explains Porcelli.

And all of the fun stuff isn't just outside with the food and the rides. If you come into one of the exhibit areas, you can see things like a 450 pound pumpkin and believe it or not, that isn't all the State Fair has to offer.

"We have exhibitors from every county throughout the state of South Carolina that are going to be exhibiting things at the Fair. Lots of local entertainers." says Nancy Smith from the SC State Fair.

So come on out and enjoy everything the State Fair has to offer - it does only come once a year.

And make sure to stop by the WACH Fox tent at the Fair. We would love to see you!