Potential SC petition candidates face deadline

Dozens of would-be legislative candidates who want to be on November ballots face a deadline for turning in their petitions.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Dozens of would-be candidates for Statehouse seats have turned in their petitions to get on November ballots.

Chris Whitmire with the South Carolina Election Commission says 43 people met the deadline for turning in their signatures. Twenty of those came in Monday before the noon cutoff.

An unprecedented number of people are trying to get on the ballot as a petition candidate after being booted from primary ballots. A state Supreme Court decision in May on improperly filed paperwork caused about 250 candidates statewide to be removed from the June 12 primaries.

Becoming a petition candidate requires getting signatures from at least 5 percent of a district's registered voters.

The commission certified the first petition candidate last Thursday, validating the signatures collected by House candidate Raye Felder of Fort Mill.

More than three dozen potential petition candidates for Statehouse seats turned in their signatures by Monday's deadline. They are trying to get on November ballots with "petition" beside their names. A look at who filed, in order by the district they want to represent:

--Senate 2: Rex Rice

--Senate 6: Tommie Reece

--Senate 7: Ennis Fant

--Senate 11: Kerry Wood

--Senate 15: Joe Thompson

--Senate 23: Katrina Shealy

--Senate 24: Rep. Tom Young

--Senate 28: Greg Hembree

--Senate 36: Eleazer Carter

--Senate 36: Rep. Kevin Johnson

--Senate 36: Shaun Kent

--Senate 41: Wallace Burbage

--Senate 41: Walter Hundley

--House 1: John Dalen

--House 3: Ed Harris

--House 8: Ted Luckadoo

--House 11: Bob Shirley

--House 13: Robert Merritt

--House 15: Marian Redish

--House 15: Samuel Rivers, Jr.

--House 25: Tony Boyce

--House 28: Raye Felder (petition validated last Thursday)

--House 31: John Lewis

--House 33: Evan Mulch

--House 34: Gaye Holt

--House 36: Jim McMillan

--House 39: Eddie McCain

--House 39: Phil Perry

--House 44: Joseph Coy

--House 53: Phil Powell

--House 56: Dennis DiSabato

--House 56: Mike Ryhal

--House 64: Willie Bethune

--House 64: Robert Ridgeway, III

--House 81: Jane Vaughters

--House 103: Tom Winslow

--House 105: Mike Connett

--House 105: Kevin Hardee

--House 105: Blake Hewitt

--House 105: Bert von Hermann

--House 105: Bill Wiegand

--House 114: John Steinberger

--House 115: Carol Tempel

Source: South Carolina Election Commission