Powerball jackpot reaches $550 million, second highest ever

Extra high ticket sales helped Powerball go from $360 million Wednesday to $550 million Thursday.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The Powerball jackpot is at its second largest size ever after no one won the drawing Wednesday.

Experts say an increased number of first-time buyers is what is causing the size of the jackpot to snowball as it gets bigger. The extra high ticket sales helped it go from $360 million Wednesday to $550 million Thursday.

The jackpot will likely be even larger by the next drawing on Saturday.

The largest jackpot ever was won last November. It totaled $587 million.

Your odds of winning the jackpot Saturday are one in 175 million.

If you do win, experts say be sure your ticket is signed, put it in a very secure place, and before you go got your money, be sure to contact an attorney or financial planner to help you be prepared for a life changing amount of money. The winner will have 180 days to claim their money.