Powerball rises to half a billion dollars

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- There's something about the thought of winning green that brings a smile to people's faces.

The Powerball which is up to 550 million dollars had hopefuls lining up last minute Wednesday to get lotto tickets.

"I increased my opportunity to win three times more," said Deborah Perry.

The thought of winning half a billion dollars has people brainstorming what they would do if they got lucky.

I"m gonna give half of it away because I dont want to be rich I want to be wealthy. I'll pay for my sons school and do whatever I can do with the rest that I have never done before," said Latonia Bullock.

"Well you know I would bless the church, and look out for the people in my neighborhood," said Terry Johnson.

The odds of winning are slim, but the smiles still stay big because there's always next time.

"I would pay off some bills pay off some tuition have fun travel, do what I want to do when I want to do it," said Perry.