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      President Obama addresses the nation on Syria

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - A group made up of Republicans and Democrats joined together at WACH Fox to watch the President's speech, as he addressed the crisis on Syria.

      While some feel like his reasons behind a potential strike on Syria were made clear, others are still skeptical about a strike on Syria.

      "There were children. There were men and women that are dying," said Calvin Graham, a Benedict College student, who agrees with President Obamaâ??s plan to stop Syriaâ??s use of chemical weapons. He says that if it takes the United States to become the Police of the World, then he is all for it.

      In the President's remarks, he suggested viewing videos of the attack and posed the question, "what type of world would we live in if we were to look the other way, instead of helping the people of Syria?â??

      USC student, Kathie Thompson, does not agree with the President's plan and still feels like none of her questions were answered during his address to the nation.

      "It's frustrating. It's a continuous message of mixed signals," said Thomas. "You know that something is wrong when our foreign policies and the goals of the international community are compromised by an off the cut statement from your secretary of state."

      Though Russia has stepped in to help place Syria's chemical weapons stockpile under international control, congress is still in the progress of finalizing any plans America has for Syria.