Preventing Sudden Death Infant Syndrome

COLUMBIA (WACH)- Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, are words that'll strike fear into any parent.

It's a condition where an infant dies while sleeping.

Thursday, Children's Trust of South Carolina shared the story of a West Columbia woman.

"Sleep Summit South Carolina" was held in Columbia.

The group shares information on dozens of infant health issues.

Today's session focused on teaching parents how to ensure their babies sleep safely.

Jessica Edwards of West Columbia told us about one of her twin sons, two- month-old Cason, who died at two months of age while sleeping on an adult bed.

"Sleeping with infants, absolutely out of the question. Unless you want to live my life, which is not very good. Not one thing wrong with him and ignorance took him from me. When Cason died part of me went with him."

Experts say the best way to prevent SIDS is to let a child sleep on his or her back.

The trust says the Department of Health and Environmental Control has reported that the number of infant deaths caused by accidents increased from 30 deaths in 2011 to 41 in 2012. DHEC said suffocation and strangulation in bed accounted for nearly all of those accidents.