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      Preventing youth violence

      Lance Adams is the owner of Fudo Shin Jujitsu. He is on a mission to prevent youth violence.

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -Lance Adams is the owner of Fudo Shin Jujitsu abd he is on a mission to prevent youth violence.

      "We teach our youth that the most important thing to do is walk away until they can't walk away anymore," said Adams.

      Classes such as martial arts, self-defense, and fight training among others are taught by Adams.

      He says while most of his students initially take classes to feel empowered, possibly due to peer pressure, their attitude changes once they understand the art and what situations it should be used for.

      "We do know that peer pressure is real," said Adams. "We do realize that things escalate."

      Through classes at Fudo Shin Jujitsu, Adams is hopeful that his students will take away a life lesson, decreasing the impact violence is having on youth.

      "What they don't realize is that while they may have those two to three minutes of glory, they can actually affect years of their lives," added Adams.