Primary Day in South Carolina underway

Polls are now open across South Carolina voters cast their ballots for primaries to select Republican and Democratic candidates for Congress, the Statehouse and local offices.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WPDE/AP) -- Polls are now open across South Carolina voters cast their ballots for primaries to select Republican and Democratic candidates for Congress, the Statehouse and local offices.

But Tuesday's voting comes after the South Carolina Supreme Court removed more than 200 candidates from consideration because of improper paperwork.

A flurry of legal actions tried to restore those candidates' names, and most of them failed.

Officials say more than 430,000 registered voters will have no one to vote for after the high court ruled that candidates who failed to file the paperwork properly weren't eligible for the election and wouldn't be counted.

Nearly 300 polling places in 14 counties won't even open Tuesday because there are no races to decide.

Polls that are in operation today are open until 7 p.m.

You can
check your voter registration status on the South Carolina Election Commission website.

You will have to choose if you want to vote Democrat or Republican in the primary. You cannot vote in both. Whichever party you choose, you'll have to vote for the same party if there's a runoff.

Runoffs are scheduled for June 26th. The general election is November 6th.

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for an updated list of ballot candidates by county as of June 8.

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for an updated list of certified Republican candidates as of June 11.

Click here for an updated list of certified Democratic candidates as of June 8.

Who is running in the South Carolina Primary?

U.S. House of Representatives:

U.S. House District 2 - Republican

Phil Black

Joe Wilson

U.S. District 3 - Democrat

Brian Ryan B Doyle

Cason Gaither

State Senate:

State Senate District 18 - Republican

Rich Bolen

Ronnie Cromer

Alan Hunter

Kara Gormley Meador

State Senate District 20 - Democrat

Norman Jackson

Robert Rikard

State Senate District 35 - Republican

Tony Barwick

Eddie Drayton

Wade Kolb

State Senate District 35 - Democrat

Thomas McElveen

E B Mac McLeod

State Senate District 10 - Republican

Jennings G McAbee Sr

Chet Royston

State Senate District 26 - Republican

Duane Naquin

Deedee Vaughters

State House of Representatives:

State House District 39 - Republican

Ralph Shealy Kennedy

Jim Wiz Wiszowaty

State House District 41 - Democrat

MaryGail Douglas

Paul Dove

Annie E McDaniel

Palmer Nicholson

E Sutton

State House District 75 - Republican

Jim Corbett

Kirkman Finlay III

State House District 77 - Republican

Joe McEachern

Chris Sullivan


Lexington Coroner - Republican

Frank E Barron III

Harry O Harman Jr

Lexington County Treasurer - Republican

Bill Banning

Jim Eckstrom

Lexington Register of Deeds - Republican

Dan Gregory

Debra M Debbie Gunter

Lexington County Council District 6 - Republican

Johnny Jeffcoat

Cory Norris

Richlan County Council District 7 - Democrat

Gwendolyn Davis Kennedy

Torrey Rush

Fairfield Sheriff - Democrat

Will Montgomery

Eddie L Big Ed White

Herman W Young

Fairfield Clerk of Court - Democrat

Betty Jo Beckham

Dorothy Boyd Belton

Saluda Sheriff - Republican

Pat Griffith

Russ Padgett

Saluda Sheriff - Democrat

Jeff Herlong

John C Perry

Saluda County District 4 - Republican

Carey Bedenbaugh

Jacob Schumpert

Lee County Clerk of Court - Democrat

James I Davis

Windi King

Lee Coroner - Democrat

J D Dellinger

Larry J Logan

Lee County Council District 1 - Democrat

Mattie Magazine-Westry

R Travis Windham

Sumter Sheriff - Democrat

Anthony Dennis

Alexander Dukes Sr

Aaron Vaughn

Benny L Webb

Sumter Coroner - Democrat

Harvin Bullock

Bobby Galiano

Isaac Johnson

Shawn Ragin

Sumter Auditor - Democrat

Thomas H Bultman

Lauretha A McCants

Sumter County Council District 1 - Democrat

Alphonso Johnson

Naomi D Sanders

Calhoun County Council District 2 - Democrat

Pamela Claxton

Ken Westbury

Orangeburg Sheriff - Democrat

Roger Heaton

Leroy Ravenell

Orangeburg Clerk of Court - Democrat

Winnifa B Clark

Zachariah E Johnson

Orangeburg County Council District 4 - Democrat

Joe Garvin

Heyward Livingston

Orangeburg County council District 5 - Democrat

Janie Cooper

Delano Del Scott