Prom Promise shows graphic reenactment of drunk driving crash

A mother acts out the horrors of discovering her daughter was involved in a drunk driving crash on the way back from prom.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A simulated drunk driving crash at Ridge View High School was not a pretty sight Friday, but organizers say it was necessary to drive home their lesson -- don't drink and drive on prom night.

"The importance for us was to try to make sure that we were reaching the students," said Wendi Wimmer, a theatre teacher at Ridge View High School who helped orchestrate the reenactment. "Sometimes you don't put it in their face enough -- how critical it could actually be."

The "Prom Promise" is an annual tradition at prom time -- a cooperation with local first responders reminding students to be smart on prom night and always.

"It was pretty graphic, and I think the more graphic [it is], the more people will understand," said Joshua Farris, a senior at Ridge View High School who plans on attending prom this year.

Prom is this Saturday for Ridge View High School students. All students at the school who bought prom tickets were invited to the reenactment.

"It really did show that it really could affect not just you but everybody else that you know and love," said Victoria Simpson, a senior at Ridge View High School who plans on attending prom this year.

Car accidents are the number one killer of teens. Teen alcohol use kills about 6,000 people each year -- more than all illegal drugs combined, according to a recent study.